Furniture boards – Laminated


Laminated boards are made by combining a decorative layer with a raw chipboard. The individual layers of the board are pressed in the conditions of high pressure and temperature, which makes them a very durable and resistant finishing material. These layers are made of core paper coated with phenolic resin and a decorative paper layer, which in turn is impregnated with melamine resin.


Due to the coherent multilayer structure, laminated boards are characterized by high mechanical resistance to scratches, abrasion and impacts. Laminates are also resistant to weather conditions, particularly water, moisture and steam, as well as high temperatures and UV rays. They are also resistant to dirt and chemicals. They do not accumulate electrostatic charges on their surface, so they do not attract dust.


Laminated boards are used in the furniture industry and interior design. Depending on the thickness of the board, they are used both to create body and fronts of wardrobes, cabinets, drawers and desks, as well as for permanent built-in furnitures. They are well suited for the arrangement of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, wardrobe, office, dining room or hall. Thanks to their properties, they are used not only in private spaces, but also in public spaces.


From timeless white and grey, through elegant marble, warm shades of wood, ending with concrete and metallic decors – this is our range of laminated boards. Thanks to the rich colours, you may perfectly match the material to the interior design, regardless of the style.

Technical data

Format 2800 x 2100
Thickness 8 10 12 16** 18 22 25 28 32
Palette  54 24 40 32 28 26 24 22 20


The laminated boards offered by BOMAR have all the required certificates and declarations. They also have a hygienic certificate confirming that they can be safely used in the production of furniture and for the purposes of interior design, in rooms where food is stored, processed or consumed.