Furniture boards – Laminated Non-flammable:


Standard laminated boards are made by combining a decorative layer with a raw chipboard. The non-flammable board differs from them with its interior, and its core is made of non-flammable chipboard Pyroex B1, type P2. The individual layers of the board are pressed in the conditions of high pressure and temperature, which makes them a very durable and resistant finishing material.


Due to the board core of the class Pyroex B1, type P2, the boards are classified as flame retardant materials. Due to the coherent multilayer structure, laminated boards are characterized by high mechanical resistance to scratches, abrasion and impacts. Laminates are also resistant to water, moisture and water vapour, as well as high temperatures and UV rays.


Non-inflammable Pyroex laminated board is an indispensable element of interior finishing in hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, cinemas, shops and other places where fire protection requirements are stringent. The board is used for interior design as wall and ceiling cladding, it can be used for the construction of walls, partition elements and furniture in public utility buildings.

Technical data

Standard format * (mm) 18 x 2800 x 2100


* other formats on request
* non-standard thicknesses on request