Finish Folie


The veneer can be easily glued on a straight surface, or even on a surface with bends. The compliance of colour with the collection of Pfleiderer laminated boards allows the skirting boards, profiles and frames perfectly matched to the interior design. The foil intended for re-painting is of particular importance - the customer can independently decide on the finally selected colour. On the other hand, the Pfleiderer backing foil protects the board material against warping.


Furniture veneer gives you complete freedom in designing furniture surfaces. It is used primarily on rounded elements - skirting boards, furniture profiles, door leaves, frames, etc. Furniture veneer is easily washable, abrasion-resistant and waterproof. It is also resistant to UV rays, weather conditions, as well as chemical detergents and other cleaning agents.


Finish foil is mainly used in the furniture industry as a decorative material for veneering fronts, covering MDF profiles, and veneering chipboards. Due to its properties, it is also used as a material for covering skirting boards. The product can be used in both dry and humid places, e.g. kitchen worktops or bathroom cabinets, window sills, doors, cabinets, shelves, etc.

Technical data

E-1 laminated board formats

1850 900 / 1200 6-30o G (standard 20o G)
Finish Foil Veneering surfaces on tactile or roller presses Chipboard, MDF, HDF and other wood-based semi-products

1.The surface is finished with a final varnish (finish).

Standard gloss 20G (at an angle of 600)

Glosses available on request: 6-30G

2.Finish with a special primer that allows for further varnishing (additional varnish coating)

3.Foil without varnish (to be varnished after gluing to the board)

Packing in rolls with a width of 110 cm to 220 cm, depending on the decorative paper
(standard 185 cm).
It is possible to cut the roll into smaller widths.
Roll length from 900 m to 1,300 m (max. roll diameter 500 mm).
Inner diameter of the core 152mm, thickness of the core 5.5mm

Base paper weight for various decors from 50 to 110 g/m2.

Hygiene class: E-1

Surface resistance to chemicals and water vapour in accordance with PN-D 97017 and DIN 68861, part 1B to 1D. Storage: in original packaging, in closed rooms with a relative air humidity not exceeding 85%, for up to 6 months

Folia 2D (SOFT) Covering profiles such as strips, frames, etc.
Standard finish foil

Covering wood-based panels

on tactile or roller presses

Wood-based boards cut to the size Varnishing with the use of highly specialized technologies resistance particularly to scratches (3N), water (16 hours), mineral oil (24 hours) – in accordance with the IKEA requirements for R4 class surfaces
Balancing foil Covering invisible surfaces to prevent warping of the board that is covered with finish foil on one side Chipboard, MDF, HDF and other wood-based semi-products Surface with or without a varnish Parameters depend on the type of surface finish
Stabilizing foil The foil is intended for the „back” sides of the tops and window sills covered with HPL laminate Lacquered surface, finish-type final processing Rigid foil impregnated with melamine and acrylic resins with a high degree of condensation. The board surface covered with it demonstrates high resistance to water vapour and moisture


Single bales are secured with polyethylene foil, corrugated paper and plastic caps at the ends of the coils. Orders over three rolls are packed on pallets, the rolls are secured with polystyrene, and all of this is fastened with three steel straps.