MFP byggeplader


The construction and structural board of the brand Premium Board MFP P5 is a specialist wood-based board. The board, thanks to its very high technological advancement, is characterized by high strength, which allows for its application in the construction and finishing works. It is an excellent alternative to the previously used wood-based panels. Thanks to the combination of functional and durability values, it has an unprecedented wide range of applications - from foundations to the roof.


The construction board of the brand Premium Board MFP P5 guarantees excellent plasticity and uncomplicated machining. The advantage of the MFP board in terms of strength (up to 20MPa), resistance to moisture (swelling factor only 10%) and low heat transfer coefficient/high resistance to fire (flame resistant) should also be emphasised. Moreover, the MFP construction board is vapour-permeable, thanks to which the rooms finished with it are not exposed to moisture and fungal bacteria.


The multifunctional MFP board is used as a material for furniture construction, especially in areas exposed to moisture, e.g. bathroom furniture, as well as in shop and fair constructions. In construction, it is mainly used for roof sheathing, ceiling coverings, partition walls, floors, formwork and in the construction of ecological houses. It is also used for thermal or acoustic insulation of rooms and buildings. It is also perfect as a decorative material, thanks to its natural colour and smooth, sanded surface.

Technical data

It withstands loads up to 20MPa, it is resistant to deformation under the influence of moisture. It meets all hygienic standards.

Format 2500 x 1250
Thickness [mm] 15 18 22 25
Pallette 56 48 40 32


Under balanced climatic conditions inside the building, the panels achieve the following humidity:
– in a building with continuous central heating 7-9%
– in a building with occasional central heating 9-12%
– in an unheated building up to 15%.
The mfp boards are produced in the thickness range of 10, 12, 15, 18, 22 and 25 mm, with the format 2500×1250 mm.