Furniture boards - wooden decors

Furniture boards with wooden decors give a natural warmth to the interior and define its character. Sunny shades refer to the Scandinavian or idyllic style, whereas cool shades perfectly fit into minimalist spaces. Sunny shades refer to the Scandinavian or idyllic style, cool shades perfectly fit into minimalist spaces.

Anderson Pine White / Sosna Anderson Biała


Sugi ban


Fano Pine White / Sosna Fano Biała


Swiss Elm


Dark Ladoga Ash / Jesion Ładoga Ciemny


Malaysian Teak / Teak Malezyjski


Furniture boards - unicolour decors

This range of furniture boards is demanding for imagination. Monochrome, chromatic colours, from the timeless white and grey to intense greens or navy blue, all of this provides a wide range of interior design options.

Taiga / Tajga


Bottle Green / Zieleń Butelkowa


Muted blue / Zgaszony Błękit


Yolk / Żółtko


Furniture boards - stone decors

Furniture board decors referring to materials such as marble, travertine or sandstone add elegance to the interior. The boards imitating raw concrete perfectly match the loft and industrial style.

Furniture boards - fancy decors

Inox, white aluminum, tarnished brass are just some of the decors from the fancy range of furniture boards. They add a twist to the interior, attract with their unusual structure and emphasize the modern style of the arrangement.

Mood Stories colour palettes

In order to make the selection of colours of furniture boards and countertops easier, the Pfleiderer company has created 60 sets of decors that perfectly match each other with their style, mood and colour temperature. Palety pogrupowane zostały w 10 zbiorów tematycznych: Soft, Elegant Rich, Elegant Slim, Loft, Country, Modern Old City, Nornic, Glamour, Color&Wood, Color Burst. Furniture boards and table tops from the Mood Stories make a perfect complement or contrast with each other.