HPL Duropal Laminat


HPL laminate is produced by pressing many layers of resin impregnated paper under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Decorative paper, which is impregnated with melamine resin and a special protective layer, is applied to this core. Special extrusion and pressing techniques enabled the production of hard, durable, and simultaneously remarkable and unique surfaces, that are perfectly adapted to the interior design.


HPL laminates are characterized by a hard surface and resistance to bending and tearing, abrasion, as well as water and steam. Thanks to the protective coating, they are resistant to chemical and biological compounds as well as UV radiation. HPL laminates are both durable and easy to work with. Light and high temperature do not discolour their surfaces. The left side of HPL laminates is roughened in order to ensure better adhesion to the glued surface.


HPL laminates are used primarily for covering straight and rounded wall surfaces as well as flat surfaces, e.g. chipboards or MDF boards. In the furniture industry, they are mainly used as a material for the production of countertops, fronts and countertop walls. Due to their durability, they are used as wall finishing elements in public utility buildings, in public transport and as a surface for covering door panels.


HPL Duropal laminates are available in a wide range of patterns and decors. They are sold in the form of boards with dimensions of 4100 x 1300 mm. Our range of decors perfectly matches the colours of Pfleiderer laminated boards. As a result, it is possible to create stylistically coherent furniture and other interior finishing elements.


HPL Duropal laminates meet the requirements of DIN EN 438 standard and can be used as a material for covering furniture and interiors, as well as in transport. They are also allowed for application in rooms intended for storage, processing or consumption of food.